Who we are

Taking care of houseplants and gardening helps us reconnect with the Earth. We wanted to create a product that helps people step outside of their comfort zone & into the realm of plants. All of our subscription boxes are thoughtfully designed to build your confidence in plant care, so you can start striving towards a more sustainable future.  Houseplants & herbs show us how to be kinder to others and have a deeper appreciation for the world.  We're here Monday-Friday to answer any of your questions about your plants. We are so excited that you have decided to join us! Welcome. .




"Lets Root For Each Other & Watch Each Other Grow"



How we come to success


Growthopedia was founded in early 2019 with the intention of starting a blog that spread mental health awareness, positivity, and kindness through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. My inspiration came my adversities and being a first responder. After my father lost his battle to cancer, I began suffering from mental illness. Anxiety, panic disorder, and depression took over my life, making the day to day unbearable. This forced me to find different coping mechanisms and thats where I was inspired to show others what helped me. 


With all the ups and downs, the pandemic had a different impact on everyone. Being stuck at home for months led to a lot of self evaluation of life and where I wanted to take it. I found that giving advice to others about mental health & learning how to market that was not the way to go. In turn, I lost motivation and put the pencil down on Growthopedia for a while. 


I was sitting in my living room staring at my 100+ plants and came to the realization that I've had it all wrong this whole time. I grew up planting all sorts of herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and houseplants with my dad. I knew that I needed to take my love for plants and take it to the drawing board. I wanted to come up with a way to share my passion with others, and that is when The Sprout Box was born. 


Jennifer Brucegrew up in a small town in Northern Westchester County NY. Her home was located in the middle of the woods where she could explore nature and the earth. In her early life, Jennifer spent a lot of her time in her backyard gardening with her father. Her dad built her a massive garden box where she could put any herb, fruit, vegetable, or flower in. After her father passed away, she continued the legacy of gardening into her everyday life and now into her business. Her goal is to stress the importance of self sustainability and love for the planet. 🌎