People of Growthopedia


We are Jen and Matt, we started Growthopedia with the intention of spreading loving kindness and mental health awareness around the world. In order to reach a bigger audience and to make our voices heard, every post and piece of art we share comes with a meaningful message behind its creation.

How We Started

On Matt's personal development journey he discovered the infinite wealth printed on paper laid between book covers. It took till my third year of college to finally do this one thing I've never done before, read a book for fun. this novel is a personal development and self-improvement book that surely lives up its reputation. To think where I'd be today if I picked it up early than I did, as it sat in my car trunk for 5 years. Regardless, this was the spark that set me off on a spiritual quest to answer my biggest, question. What am I doing with my life?

I began exercising more, stretching more, eating healthier, working out my brain just as much as my body, and in turn life became sweeter. Now that I'm out of college I am seeing the benefits of my mind and body connection more so than ever. and I'm working towards spreading this newfound consciousness with the world hoping to make their lives' a little less chaotic.