TREE POSE (Vrksasana)

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)
- Corrects flat feet and strengthens your legs.
- Helps back pain and sciatica.
- Stretches inner thighs and groin.
- Tones the booty, hips and thighs.
- Improvement in Balance.
- Helps you concentrate and focus on your breathe.
Directions: (This is a beginner pose)
1. Stand up: Bring feet together, evenly distribute your weight evenly throughout your feet. 
2. Reach down and grab your foot: Bring the sole of your foot to the inside of your thigh near the left thigh joint. 
3. Lift your kneecap: Press your foot into your thigh while lifting your kneecap
4. Remained balanced: Be sure to level your hips throughout this movement
5. Redirect your hands: Put hands into prayer position in front of your heart or above your head to remain centered.
6. Remember to breathe: Hold position for 5 breaths or more. 
Doing yoga everyday has such a positive impact on your mind, body and soul. If you are looking for a deeper connection with your self while staying close to your center, I would highly suggest starting with a beginner pose like this.