The Sun Bird Pose (Parsva Balasana)

Sunbird Pose (Parsva Balasana)
- Stretches hamstrings and thighs.
- Stimulates the the abdominal region.
- Relieves symptoms of sciatica and back pain. 
- Improvement in balance and posture.
- Helps you concentrate and focus on your breathe.
Directions: (This is a beginners pose)
1. Get on your knees: Align your knees with your hips and your wrist under your shoulders.
2. Strengthen your abdominal region: Flex your tummy and tighten your core. 
3. Extend your arm: With palm facing in and extend the opposite leg aligning yourself with the floor. 
4. Stability: Stay structured and do not allow yourself to fall, lift your torso.
5. Look at the floor: Gaze to the floor and remain centered. 
6. Remember to breathe: Hold position for five breathes or more.