SCORPION POSE (Vrschikasana)

Scorpion Pose (Vrschikasana)
-Tones shoulders & Arms.
-Strengthens the neck.
- Improvement in Balance.
-Increases focus and concentration.
- Strengthens hips and quadricep muscles.
- Increases flexibility in spinal regions.
Directions: (This is a advanced pose)
1. Forearm balance pose: Lift head and look forward.
2. Bend the knees: bend knees and bring toes close to the head.
3. Focus on your toes: Point through your toes.
4. Remained balanced: Keep your shoulders & chest in alignment. (This is to avoid tipping backwards. 
5. Stability: Lower your feet onto the top of your head and strengthen your lumbar region.
6. Do not forget to breathe: This position requires a great deal of concentration and focus. Sometimes it becomes difficult to remember to focus on your breathe and to carry out the motion. 
This Pose is much more advanced and can be very difficult to accomplish. Always remember to breathe and remain mindful. Work your way up to a pose like this. You will most certainly get there with practice.