Welcoming in November with High Vibrations



I haven't posted on here or any other social media platform the past few weeks due to having a disorganized way of creating and scheduling content. I have taken this time to reflect on my own time management skills and what direction I want to take Growthopedia in. Matt and I have created an executable plan to create meaningful and engaging content for you guys. Since making this shift, I have managed to create and schedule dozens of posts for the upcoming weeks. I am excited to share with you guys our new sticker collection coming out NOVEMBER 15th, as well as informative personal development content. 

Do something positive today:

Write down three things you are proud of yourself for accomplishing today? (going to the gym, eating a healthy sandwich, taking a shower, doing that dreadful assignment, etc) Take a picture of it and post it on your story! Share with the world your greatness :)