What Are Things You Can Do To Show Kindness To The world?

Be Kind To Others
Once you allow love into your heart, you will be surprised at how many opportunities come your way! This is a small list of thousands of ways that you can do your part by showing kindness to the world. Show kindness through tiny gestures like, holding the door open, being a shoulder to cry on, or giving someone a meaningful gift. Touch everyone with your heart with kind intentions and make your community a better place!
When I visited Acadia National Park in Maine this past October, our group got hungry and went to the nearest grocery store to pick up some cold cuts. As we approached the deli line, we noticed a woman already waiting to be helped. The deli meat lady asked me what I would like, I paused and said that, "I think the women standing next to me was here first." The woman got helped and said to us that "It's nice to actually see some nice people around here!" with a kind smile.
-Edited 10/30/2020