The Easiest Way To Prune Your Philodendron

There are many benefits to pruning your philodendron plant. Pruning will promote new growth, prevent disease, and allows you to take your cuttings to propagate into new plants. Make sure before you begin pruning your philodendron to clean your shears. Using dirty tools could cause your plant to develop bacterial or fungal infections. Here are some of the simple reasons and steps as to why you would want to prune your philodendron:

Your philodendron plant is too big for your space

philodendron too big for space

Is your philodendron taking over your office or small apartment living room? Make it smaller with these simple steps:

  1. Cut off the longest stems, these will most likely turn yellow and are taking a lot of energy away from your plant. Large stems could also weigh down your plant hindering new growth. Snip em' off!
  2. Always make cuts at joints where it joins with the crown of the plant. 
  3. Cut off any leaves that falls below the soil line, unless its a hanging philodendron. If it is a hanging philodendron trim to your liking.
  4. Like any big change, always water your plant immediately after pruning.

There are so many dead leaves on my philodendron

dead leaves on philodendron plant

It is important to get rid of any brown leaves. Dead leaves have no use to the plant and could eventually cause disease. These leaves also take energy away from the rest of the plant and prevent it from creating new shoots. 

  1. Grab the yellow or brown stem in question and use clean shears to cut where the stem meets the plants trunk or another stem. 
  2. If one leaf is yellow or brown, only cut off where it meets the joint.
  3. Water immediately after pruning to avoid shocking your plant and to reduce the stress it will face.

I want to propagate my philodendron

Another reason to prune your philodendron is to turn your plant into more plants through propagation.

For more detailed instructions on how to propagate your philodendron visit our blog post: Propagation 101: Philodendron Edition


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