The Book of November

"In order to kick ass you must first lift up your foot" - @JenSincero

I was looking for something to encourage myself to keep myself motivated to continue working on Growthopedia. I started to get discouraged by how much work I was putting in and how much others weren't really getting anything from the content I was putting out. I started falling back into my fearful abyss of self pity and victimization that Growthopedia wouldn't work out. But I am wrong, I am manifesting my dreams into existence of being a badass. I am a BADASS, I am GREAT, I am INTELLIGENT, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I am not allowing others live my life for me. Growthopedia will work out and be marvelous. I am worthy of being loved, I am worthy of being my own boss, I am worthy of owning a successful small business. CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE and you will be surprised at all the opportunities that come your way. 

Thank you Jen Sincero for giving me that much needed reminder that I am a badass who is living an awesome life!

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